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Suffering From a Dry Mouth? Why Saliva is Important
  Saliva is necessary for many reasons and plays an important role within the mouth. If you suffer from a dry mouth, this may be caused by a number of reasons. Certain medications, treatments, diseases or even old age; can all affect the extent of Salvia production.

Saliva is a clear liquid that is made within the mouth 24 hours a day. It is mostly comprised of water; however, there are a few other chemicals involved. Salvia is produced by the Salvia glands, located inside each cheek, on the bottom of the mouth and under the jaw. Salvia glands produce approximately 1 to 2 litres of salvia each and everyday!

Saliva wets food and helps the tongue to taste. Without Salvia the tongue would not be able to distinguish between sweet, salty, bitter or sour foods. Saliva initiates the digestion process, breaking up food before it reaches the stomach. The enzymes found in saliva also help to fight off infections within the mouth. Another important task performed by Saliva, is keeping the mouth clean. (However, it is still necessary to brush twice daily and floss once before bed).

If you are suffering from a dry mouth, please do not hesitate to contact our dental practice. Our dedicated team will be able to help you recapture your oral well-being.

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