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The Dangers of Oral Piercing
  Intraoral piercing involves the insertion of jewellery into soft oral tissues, such as the lips, cheeks and tongue. Although this form of 'body art' is becoming more and more popular among adolescents, this trend can have serious health complications

The major risks involved in intraoral body piercing, include;

" Tooth Fractures
" Speech Impediment
" Infection and Allergic Responses
" Damage to nerves and veins
" Loss of taste
" Permanent numbness
" Deep cyst formation
" Hypertrophic scarring
" Haematoma formation
" Neuroma
" Damage to cheek tissue and Dentition

Intraoral piercing presents a very high risk of infection, due to the vast amounts of bacteria found within the mouth. As no anesthetic is used during most intraoral piercing, the person in question will generally experience pain, swelling, bleeding and increased salivary flow immediately after piercing. It is imperative to carry out all instructions provided by the company performing the piercing, to ensure healing occurs quickly and effectively.

We recommend consulting with one of our dedicated team members prior to undergoing your intraoral piercing. We will advise you on several imperative steps, helpful in maintaining your oral well-being after piercing.

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