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Dentist in North Balwyn, Melbourne: North Balwyn Dental are located in Melbourne, Victoria (VIC). Our dentists provide cosmetic dentistry, tooth whitening, crowns and bridges and veneers.
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North Balwyn Dental - located in North Balwyn, Melbourne VIC
North Balwyn Dental are located in Melbourne and provide a wide range of cosmetic and general dentistry treatments.

North Balwyn Dental is dedicated to providing our clients with an exceptional dental experience that keeps them in optimal health and makes them look great and feel fabulous.

Dental care
Our goal is to provide for the client’s dental and emotional needs in a friendly, caring and sensitive manner that builds value for them.  By serving and fulfilling those needs, we build lasting relationships with our clients and help them get the best possible long-term result and satisfaction with their dental treatment.

Clients who understand that finer quality preventive and restorative dentistry is the way to long-term health and satisfaction are the foundation of our practice. Clients understand that by providing treatment that is in their best interests, their investment of time and money is preserved.  We will have fun practicing high quality dentistry.

Our staff
Our staff are unique.  They are enthusiastic individuals who have the highest standards of quality and integrity.  Our staff are conscientious in their efforts to meet and exceed their own job requirements.  Personal initiative will be recognised and rewarded.  They work as a team and are willing to be ever improving in their value to our practice.

The future
The only constant is change.  By recognising that change is inevitable we are focused on not lagging behind by acquiring contemporary knowledge through continuing education.  This allows growth to occur – growth that benefits dentist, clients and staff as a result of their experiences here.


Contact North Balwyn Dental today on:

Telephone: 03 9859 1022
Address: The Village First Floor,
60 Doncaster Road
Balwyn North
VIC, 3104, Australia
Opertaing Hours: Monday & Tuesday - 8am to 5pm
Wednesday & Thursday- 8am to 8pm
Friday - 8am to 4pm
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