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Dentist in North Balwyn, Melbourne: North Balwyn Dental are located in Melbourne, Victoria (VIC). Our dentists provide cosmetic dentistry, tooth whitening, crowns and bridges and veneers. Dentist in North Balwyn, Melbourne specialises in cosmetic, preventive and general dentistry. Dr Shawn Rama is a cosmetic and general dentist in North Balwyn, Melbourne. Dentist in North Balwyn in Melbourne welcomes new patients to discuss cosmetic and general treatment options. Cosmetic dentist in North Balwyn, Melbourne provides special offers on cosmetic treatments. General and cosmetic dentist is located in North Balwyn in Melbourne. Contact cosmetic dentist in North Balwyn, Melbourne, book an appointment online or view payment options and operating hours.
  TMJ Treatment in North Balwyn, Melbourne: Dr Shawn Rama is a dentist in Melbourne providing cosmetic and general dentistry treatments including TMJ Treatments for grinding or clenching of the teeth.  
Prevent gum, bone and teeth deterioration with periodontal treatments provided by cosmetic dentist in North Balwyn, Melbourne.
TMJ treatment for teeth grinding and clenching, headaches and migraines are provided by cosmetic dentist in North Balwyn, Melbourne.
Snoring solutions and sleep therapy in North Balwyn, Melbourne.
Root canal treatment for diseased or infected nerves or dental pulp in North Balwyn, Melbourne.

TMJ Treatment in North Balwyn, Melbourne

Do you grind or clench your teeth?

Do you experience chronic ear, neck, shoulder or back problems?

Do you suffer from chronic recurring headaches or migraines?

Do your jaw joints click, pop, grind and cause you pain?

Do you have dehibilitating facial pain?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be one of the many undiagnosed TMJ Disorder sufferers.

Dr Shawn Rama is one of a handful of dentists in Australia who has received comprehensive graduate training in the treatment of these disorders. He takes a special interest in this particular field of dentistry. Using the latest technological advances and proven treatment methods, he has successfully improved the quality of life of so many patients with a very conservative approach that does not involve any form of surgery.

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