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Dentist in North Balwyn, Melbourne: North Balwyn Dental are located in Melbourne, Victoria (VIC). Our dentists provide cosmetic dentistry, tooth whitening, crowns and bridges and veneers. Dentist in North Balwyn, Melbourne specialises in cosmetic, preventive and general dentistry. Dr Shawn Rama is a cosmetic and general dentist in North Balwyn, Melbourne. Dentist in North Balwyn in Melbourne welcomes new patients to discuss cosmetic and general treatment options. Cosmetic dentist in North Balwyn, Melbourne provides special offers on cosmetic treatments. General and cosmetic dentist is located in North Balwyn in Melbourne. Contact cosmetic dentist in North Balwyn, Melbourne, book an appointment online or view payment options and operating hours.
  Crowns and Bridges in North Balwyn, Melbourne: Dr Shawn Rama is a dentist in Melbourne providing cosmetic and general dentistry treatments including crowns and bridges for cracked, broken, decayed or diseased teeth.  
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Crowns and Bridges in North Balwyn, Melbourne


Crowns or “caps” are a tooth-like covering placed over a carefully prepared existing tooth.

We often use crowns when a tooth is in particularly poor condition. It may have started to crack, or it may be broken, decayed or diseased as a result of large fillings, ageing, tooth grinding, improper bite, poor oral hygiene or after root canal therapy.

Metal-based crowns have been used for many years to strengthen or rebuild teeth. Thanks to the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry, ceramic / porcelain crowns now offer an effective, aesthetically pleasing option.

Types of crown:

Ceramic crowns – ideal for front teeth, ceramic crowns look and feel like natural teeth
Metal crowns – ideal for back teeth, metal crowns can be made of gold alloy, palladium, nickel or chromium alloy
Porcelain fused to metal – look like natural teeth and can be used anywhere in the mouth

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A dental bridge may be used to replace one or more missing teeth.

Bridges are a long-term solution that can help prevent the problems that occur when just one tooth is missing, such as movement of remaining teeth, decay , and periodontal bone loss. 

A bridge is a device anchored to the surrounding teeth. Two crowns are secured to the teeth either side of the gap, and an attached crown replaces your missing tooth, effectively ‘bridging’ the gap.

Types of bridges:

Fixed bridge – replaces one or more missing teeth while providing support for adjacent teeth
Resin bonded bridges – this is used mainly on front teeth and is bonded to the back of adjacent teeth
Cantilever bridges – used when there is only one tooth available on one side of the gap

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